Jamal, A "Tireless" Star


This is the first of a series of pages on Jamal, first posted Aug. 02. The latest addition was 08 Aug. 03.

Jamal, please give us a 360 degree look at your body. Wow! We can see that you're a bodybuilder par excellence. (In this and all the other gifs Jamal is both model and photographer - and he plays both roles well!)



Next let us see your soft penis. Jamal, that thing is very impressive - and it's not even hard yet.



Since you've got such major muscles, flex a little for us. It's great to see your pecs move and your lats stand out like bat wings. Jamal, you have star power!



What's this? Oh, you're working on your nipples and beginning to get yourself stimulated for a little "tirelesshand" action.


Does this mean you'll be getting your cock up on the next page? We'd better quick click that button.