Visitors' Contributions


This gallery contains animations contributed by site visitors. Join in.

Original gif animations by members make this a special and unique site. So, be brave, and try your hand (pun). Send your finished gifs to this address.


Here are 3 gifs self-made by Dave. Posted 30 Jun 03.

And here are some comments from Dave:

Your site, Tireless Hands, is a wonderfully erotic presentaion. I compliment you on capturing the lesser thought of motions -- and the very hot models.

These are my personal gifs, lifted from analog VHS using a Pinnacle program and Gamani Movie Gear. While they don't have the smack of digital video, they do give some of the more unusual motions of the male genitalia.



This large sized gif is from Bernie, a visitor who says this gif is his "first attempt." I think he did a great job, don't you? I appreciate it when men send us images with an uncluttered look. That look shows off the cock to its best advantage. Let's hope Bernie sends us some more hand action. Posted 16 Jun 03.




Next we have an exceptionally nice set of 6 gifs from Matt, a man whom I invited to submit some pix. When you look at these, I think you won't have any doubt why I invited him. Posted 24 May 03.


First, Matt shows us his very attractive and flexible foreskin...and then a sequence where he's just beginning to get it up.


And he really moves his foreskin around - sometimes stretching it far out in front.


And then, when he has a full-blown hard-on, we can see the impressive length and thickness of his shaft. Look at it in comparison to the size of his hand! Matt, thanks for this contribution to the visitors' page. We all hope you'll send more.



Here is a gif submitted by a recent site visitor. It was posted 27 Apr 03. Nice cum shot!




Here are 4 small and 2 large original animations made by a visitor to this site. Nice variety of techniques! These were posted 22 Jan 03 and 16 Feb 03.





10 Mar 03: Here are 5 self-made gifs from another visitor. He shows us a really nice cock. I wish we could get some more gifs from him that are of better resolution.





Here is a ball gif from a visitor who is new to this site.


Thanks for letting us see your action. We'd be happy to have contributions any others of you who know how to make animated gifs.