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What's New: 27 Feb 04 - Updated a few links and cleaned up some content. 22 Dec 03 - Pictures sent in by Kevin were added to the 2nd page of the Visitors' Gallery. 4 Sep 03 - Gordy Miller's gallery now has 4 pages and includes a good cum shot gif. 2 Sep 03 - On the 3rd page of Shower Fun a cum shot of Jay was added. 31 Aug 03 - Page 7 with a new cum shot was added to Hunter's fine gallery. 18 Aug 03 - The visitors' gallery now has a second page with 6 skillfully made gifs from Oliver. 10 Aug 03 - Two new pages were added to Jamal's sexy gallery. 24 May 03 - Six new gifs of Matt were posted on the visitors' page. Be sure to see these - they're technically excellent, plus they display a cock that is outstanding! 19 Mar 03 - Tim's gallery was expanded to 3 pages. 10 Mar 03 - Five original animations were added to the visitors' page.

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